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We design months ahead and make sure that the quality and fit of our pieces are absolutely perfect for you. From sketch to store, everything is created from scratch in house by our incredible designer Stoi and creatives, just for you.

Stoi's Atelier

Androgynous Soul is a NON-BINARY design Brand that offers a twist to men's clothing for women. We design unique timeless fashion pieces. Coming Soon!

The Androgynous Soul

Welcome to Muse de la Marque, a modeling brand that celebrates diversity and creativity. Our models are muses for various of brands, providing unique perspectives to the world of fashion and modeling.

We provide a platform for all of our models to express their creativity and confidence in the world of fashion. We are passionate about bringing brands and models together for a unique and unforgettable experience. Join us and discover why we’re the leading modeling brand in the industry.


Muse de la Marque

At Stoi's Luxury Living, we strive to create beautiful and unique spaces with the perfect mix of furniture, art, and accessories. We specialize in staging for real estate, helping clients to make their homes look their best for potential buyers. Our team of experienced interior designers are here to help you bring your vision to life and make your home the perfect place to entertain and relax. Let us help you find the perfect pieces to make your home a luxury living space.

Stoi's Luxury Living 

Our Brands

Jour de la Mode is an annual fashion show held in the spring that showcases some of the latest designs from a variety of brands. Our goal is to bring the world of fashion together under one roof, while providing a unique experience to all who attend.

From private showings to runway events, Jour de la Mode provides an unforgettable experience that celebrates the art and creativity of the fashion industry. Come and join us for a day of fun, fashion, and beauty.

Jour de la Mode

Nacht der Mode is a unique fashion event that takes place at night and celebrates the beauty of couture. Our main goal is to create an atmosphere that is both exciting and sexy, while showcasing the latest designs from some of the hottest fashion designers around. We have a great lineup of talented designers, and we invite you to join us for an unforgettable night of fashion and fun.

Nacht der Mode

Mystery is an upcoming fashion event that will take place in 2024. We are dedicated to bringing the latest fashion trends and styles to the runway. Our mission is to create a unique and exciting event that will bring together the world's most influential designers and fashion icons.

We are passionate about inspiring a new generation of fashion-forward individuals and are dedicated to creating an event that is truly unforgettable. Join us in 2024 and be part of the Mystery experience.


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